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West Side Finishing is a kitchen and cabinetry company that offers custom designs and woodworking solutions for home renovation and updating projects. Unlike other cabinetry companies, we pride ourselves in the custom designs that we craft for our clients, ensuring that they match the client’s vision and are functional and beautiful for years to come.

Strathmore is our home and we are always thrilled to work alongside local businesses to provide them the cabinetry skills needed to complete a major project or minor project – from full kitchen renovations to smaller bathroom vanity upgrades, we love it all.

West Side Finishing is currently looking to add to our own referral list and find partners who are seeking assistance with cabinetry and wood-working projects for their clients.

What is the Partnership Program

We don’t believe in being ‘Jacks of all trades’ and rely on specializations to refer projects to that are out of our expertise. Our clients deserve the best! Our partnership program is a mutually beneficial opportunity to connect and come together with other locals in the industry who can complement projects with the skills they have to offer, as well as refer us to their clients in need of custom cabinets!

The partnership program is a chance for contractors, builders, or any home-renovation company, like yourself, to have a trustworthy referral for future projects and be confident that you have a cabinetry and wood-working partner whose got your back – at no cost!

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Who can become a partner?

If you are working in the housing industry and home renovation sector and need custom wood-working solutions to accomplish your project goals, then you can be a partner!

What Perks Does It Come With?

As our new partners, we are sure to refer you for projects that fall outside of our skill-set. This is your opportunity to be connected with our clients and to gain further exposure and referrals from us!

Why Should I Join?

When it comes to completing home projects, you want to make sure that you have a team that you can rely on to get the job done efficiently, effectively, and that will match the vision of the client – West Side Finishing can do all that and more! We have over 20 years’ experience in the kitchen and cabinetry industry and are able to provide a professional approach to any of your projects! Additionally, becoming a partner is the start to a new friendship! We will be able to call upon one another in times of need and support the local business sectors!

This program costs absolutely nothing and is simply a relationship builder. We refer you and you refer us, and together we can help locals accomplish their dream homes.

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