They say “location, location, location” is the most important part of homeownership, but we have a different thought on the matter. While the location is very important, your home is not an ideal space if it doesn’t function efficiently. The most beautiful home in a prime location is a source of frustration if there is no mud room, if the kitchen has no space, and there is too little storage. West Side Finishing is here to help. Our services take any room and transform it to be functional, to maximize the space available, and to showcase your personal style. Here’s how:

Exceptional Entertaining Spaces

Your den or basement is the perfect location for a game room or pub – or both! In a time when people are rediscovering the joy of entertaining at home, having a dedicated room for board games, drinks, rounds of pool, or video gaming will bring your family and your friends closer.

Man Caves, Offices, and Cozy Corners

Everyone needs a little space sometimes. West Side Finishing is the expert at finding and maximizing spaces for man caves, offices, homework stations, and cozy corners. Imagine, the kids having their own nook with space for books, pencils, papers, and everything they need for homework or distance learning. Working from home? Let us show you how unused or repurposed/dual space can be an efficient home office. That space under the main stairwell? Perfect for a soft bench and a mini library. Dead space in the kitchen? We call that a coffee bar.

Barn Doors

Built-ins are another space-saving way West Side Finishing transforms your space. We show you how to take advantage of vertical or awkwardly shaped spaces when off-the-rack shelving just won’t do. Customization means the perfect fit every time.


Rustic, sliding barn doors add more than an element of elevated décor to any room. They are wonderful space savers. Barn doors are the perfect solution for small entryways, closets in narrow hallways, or dividing rooms into multi-purpose areas.

Lockers, Mudrooms, and Entryways

You don’t want to feel annoyed by clutter and a foyer closet bursting at the seams the minute you walk through the door. West Side Finishing can add lockers, revamp closets, and make use of even the smallest entryway to provide organization, storage, and function.


What you need, where you need it, within reach, and perfectly organized – it’s not a dream, it’s a West Side Finishing closet! One of our specialties is taking closet space from good to great. Tell us if you want a dreamy walk-in master closet or if you need to make your reach-in closet more functional. Let us know if you want a jewellery nook or want space to hang suits and dresses. Whatever your needs, we have  solutions.


Once you’ve easily selected your outfit and accessories from your perfectly organized West Side Finishing closet, it’s time for your spa experience at your personal vanity. Organization and storage come into play here too, but just as important is a beautiful space to prep for your day. Start your day off right with a custom vanity perfectly suited to your personal style.

The Kitchen

It’s called the heart of the home for very good reason. It’s where friends and family gather, where memorable meals are made, where homework is done, and where you make that perfect cup of tea after a busy day. The kitchen can be a place of joy and relaxation – if it functions properly. Kitchens are our specialty. It’s what we are most known for. Contact us today to find out why. Your dream kitchen is a call away.

Custom Projects

Don’t see what you need on this list? No problem. Contact us about your custom project. Our experience means we have the solutions you need.

From getting ready in the morning, to meals, to relaxing and entertaining, custom cabinets and shelving can transform your home and your life. Your home can be a place of efficiency and harmony when it is organized and functions the way it should. Don’t let your home frustrate you. Contact us today for our high-quality long-term solutions. We look forward to working with you.