The design component of your project is one of the most exciting aspects, and we are here every step of the way to maximize, while respecting, your budget and to show you all the possibilities for your space. We listen carefully to what you need from the end result – functionality, more room, organization, an expression of style, multi-purpose areas – and then we start with our proven design process.

The Design Process


This is the visionary phase and includes the discovery of design styles that suite your personality. Feel free to bring us your idea collage or your Pinterest board.


It’s time to organize those ideas into a cohesive project. We start putting things on paper, discussing the budget, and asking clarifying questions.

Design Review

You’ll feel confident moving forward with your project since our detailed design review reconfirms the aspects of the design, allowing time for revisions to ensure complete satisfaction.


After final customer approval the drawings are sent to our manufacturing team and your dream becomes a tangible reality.

Design Styles

When it comes to the design, there are no right or wrong answers. If a material or design element is not a good choice from our experienced perspective, we will explain why and offer an alternative solution. There are several “fixed” design styles, which we will explain below, but never feel limited to just one choice. The fusion of contemporary and rustic, for example, provides an excellent balance between sleek and modern yet cozy and comfortable, while the fusion of traditional and contemporary is the updated way to enjoy the classic styles.

darker colours, solid wood, ornate details, heavier finishings

sleek and light, chrome and reflective, minimalism, linear

a mix of contemporary and traditional such as dark wood with clean lines, or a traditional kitchen island but contemporary cabinets

roomy, bright, inspired by home chefs, functional, open shelving mixed in with closed cabinetry

high-end elements, sumptuous feel, heavy, elegant, focused on a feeling of affluence and opulence

bold mix of patterns and styles, bright, colourful, cheerful, non-traditional, a personal expression

recreation of traditional European styles, can include imported elements, such as finishing hardware or repurposed trunks, to complete the design

a great style for small spaces, sleek and contemporary but with some patterns and pops of colour

Don’t worry about knowing right away which style best suits your personality and needs. The right choice is the choice that makes you feel happy and comfortable in the space. Have fun exploring what your space could be by using these methods for inspiration:

  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Cut pictures from design magazines (or borrow them from the library and take photos of the pages that inspire you)
  • Take pictures of design elements you like when you are out and about
  • Look at old photos of your parents and grandparents’ home and see if there is anything you’d like to incorporate or replicate

Every step of the way, we are with you to ensure you are confident in your design choices, to provide the expertise and guidance for a fully functional design, and to make your budget get the most for every dollar.

Are you excited about getting started? We are! Contact us today.

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